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A few years ago ASM announced that all the photos and videos will be removed from the servers because of the storage costs. At that time I suggested they contact Smugmug as they offered not-for-profit organizations a free photo site. All the existing photos, videos, art and poems where transferred at that time to this new site.

This site is available to all ASM members to display their birding related photos, videos, art and poems. It is especially useful for those that have no web presence and would like to share their photos.

Note: All photos, videos and other content on this site are the property of the person that supplied it. Purchasing of anything on this site is disabled. You will have to contact the contributor.

If you do not currently have a gallery click "Contact Us" in the top menu to send an email and request one.

Photo/Video Storage
There is no limit to the storage space. Smugmug supports the two types of photo files that are compatible with virtually every browser: JPEG and GIF images, including animated GIFs. The size limitations per photo is 150 megabytes and 210 megapixels.

Video files can be up to 20 minutes long and 3 GB in size. As these might be too large for an email attachment, contact the site Admin for special arrangements. Click "Contact Us" in the top menu to send an email.
(I can set a temporary gallery guest password so you can directly upload photos and videos to your gallery, especially good for large videos. After upload we would converse using emails to populate the captions.)

Uploading photos
Send an email to with your photo or photos attached. Include a link to your gallery on this site. When I receive the email I will upload to your gallery. I will need captions for each photo so put the info in the body of the email. I check my regular email every day but not necessarily MoBirds ( if I'm out birdin'   )

The other upload method would be to assign a specific guest password for your gallery. This will allow you to directly upload your own photos and videos. This will get the photos/videos up but I would still need the captions. We could do this using emails. Also Guests can edit their files' captions before upload using a photo editor like Lightroom, Picasa, iPhoto, or Windows Photo Gallery. This way their words will automatically show up in the photo's caption field after upload.

For each photo/video provide info for the caption, the basic info I'll need is:

Description including bird name if known
Location of where photographed
Date taken
Whose photo is it?
Here is an example of what the caption MIGHT look like.

Mockingbird harassing a cardinal with White-throated
Sparrow looking on in my backyard.
Grassy Consv Area, Hometown, Mo.
Monday Jan. 8th 2008
Photo by Joe Blow

When you upload a photo Smugmug creates multiple display sizes, thumbnails to large sizes, from your original uploaded photo. Currently the galleries are set only to display up to a max size of XLarge (1024px wide or tall). The Original photo will not be seen if larger then XLarge.

Adding keywords/photo tags (Optional - I will in most cases add these)
In most cases the Admin can take care of this. Below is some background on how these are constructed.
The system will not allow dashes or other non-letter characters in the keywords (not good for birders   ).
Use an underline instead of a dash in keywords/photo tags.
Enclose multiple word keywords in double quotes.
Inside of these double quotes ONLY use single quotes.
See examples below. Either Lower or upper cases can be used. Not case sensitive.

"black_throated green warbler"
"swan lake"
"swainson's warbler" (single quotes can now be used)
"yellow_rumped warbler ''myrtle's''" (use of 2 single quotes around myrtle's to look like double quote)

Please include full bird name in keyword. Case does not matter. Check "Search > Bird Keyword Search" in the top menu to see keywords already used.

Use the keyword ( " _need id help'' ) on any bird photo you need help with ID. Then anyone can help by adding a comment to that photo to help identify. Kinda like a mystery bird gallery and can add some fun to the site.
The _ is added in front of the keyword so it sorts to the top of the list.

Linking to photos (sharing) This section "Sharing" in work
Once your photo is in your gallery you can now link to it on external sites like a blog. Post a photo/gallery link in a MoBirds listServe message. Email/text a link to friends, share it on Facebook, blogs, etc.

Note: As a privacy measure I have turned off sharing to Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. by default for all galleries. I will toggle it on for an individual's gallery if requested. Click "Contact Me" in the top menu. Links to your gallery will always work so you can email the link to anyone.

Embed photos in an eBird Checklist. (Optional - eBird now allows a direct drag of your photos into the bird details box. I would recommend not using the original photo you uploaded from your computer but a specific size from your gallery. To get a specific size photo, right click on the large photo in the gallery and in the popup menu click "view image". This will open the photo in the browser window. Right click on the photo and in the popup menu click "Save Image As". This saved image to your computer can now be dragged to the checklist. You should also be able to drag the single opened photo from your browser to your desktop.)

Retrieving photo links for using in code below. When you "view image" as noted above, copy the browser URL.
There are different sizes you can use. The above copied link shows "L" for large (800px wide).
You can change that "L" (2 places) to "XL" (1024px wide), "M" (600px wide), "S" (400px wide).

In the codes/HTML below (your photo link) is the link ending with .jpg in the example copied above.

For (your gallery link of photo) go to the photo in the gallery and copy the browser URL with that /i-xxxxxx at the end.
Example of gallery link of photo.

Example codes for checklist bird details box:

To only show a photo in the checklist without a link back to your gallery.
Paste this into the individual bird "add Details" area.
<img src="(your photo link)" />

Show photo in checklist with clicking photo takes you to the photo in your gallery.
<a href="(your gallery link of photo)"> <img src="(your photo link)" /></a>

To find individual birds hover "Search" in the menu at the top. Then click "Bird Keyword Search". This will bring up the keyword page showing all keywords/photo tags. Clicking one of the keywords/photo tags will show all photos in all galleries using that keyword/photo tag.

You or a visitor can add comments for any gallery or photo. Please be nice, any "off color" or non-appropriate comments will be deleted. I receive a notice in an email of each comment.

You can also type a special message in a photo comment and include the words "please delete", "Edit like this", etc. This will be especially useful if you see an error or would like the caption edited, photo deleted or any other message to convey. After reading, the comment will be deleted. If you see no activity in a couple days click "Contact Us" in the top menu. Be sure to supply a link to the photo. Copy the URL/address in the browser address bar and paste in the email.

Note: The email address is to the site Admin. Click "Contact Us" in the top menu to send an email. Allen Smith is the current Admin. (I am currently looking for a backup and sometime in the far off future, hopefully, a new Admin.)
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